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Tom Fordyce. Marathon men earn huge plaudits @ BBC Sports Умильная… - Хризантема бородатая

Jun. 24th, 2010

02:27 am

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Tom Fordyce. Marathon men earn huge plaudits @ BBC Sports
Умильная статья. Избранное:

""A quick spot of tennis," you can imagine a spectator saying, "and then we'll pop off for lunch."

Just over seven hours later, the score locked at 59 games each, nobody would have been surprised to hear a Red Cross aeroplane drone overhead and start dropping food parcels."


40-40 came and went. Court-side, admiration turned to laughter turned to disbelief. Men who had sat down clean shaven scratched their straggly beards. Ball-boys became ball-men.


Mahut tried skipping along the baseline to show how fresh he felt. It was probably unnecessary. When you've served to stay in the match more than 50 times, no-one's going to question your stamina.


In the BBC commentary box, a chap named Ronald McIntosh could have been forgiven for sobbing into his microphone. This was the first tennis match he had ever commentated on. "Stick him out on Court 18," the Beeb director had thought. "Let him cut his teeth on something minor."


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Date:September 25th, 2010 02:49 pm (UTC)
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